The LMS (Learning Management System) GraphQL API facilitates applications that allow Learners to view, manage and receive training and Coordinators to view and manage the training of others.


  • Manage - Sort and view Courses and Learning Paths assigned to a Learner
  • Delivery - Access Course content and record Learner progress
  • Booking - Assign training to Learners managed by a Coordinator
  • Approval - Create training requests that can be approved by an Administrator in the TMS
  • User Authentication and Identity Management for Learners and Coordinators


The full set of entities are listed in the API Reference.

If you are unfamiliar with GraphQL, we recommend starting with Introduction to GraphQL in our guides section.

The data provided by the LMS GraphQL API is limited to what the viewing Contact is authorized to access on an LMS Portal. For information on how to authorize against the LMS GraphQL API, see Authorization.